Boris Nieslony (Germany)

As a multidisciplinary artist, Boris Nieslony dedicated himself to painting, photography, installation, performance, intervention, Copy-art and art actions. His work can be categorised as being along the lines of European anti-formalism which, via Fluxus, goes back to Situationist International, Dada. If, on the one hand he feels concerned by historicism, on the other, he puts on ephemeral performances based on the logic of very specific conceptual physical responses. While Nieslony is also actively producing his own work, from 1985, he initiated ASA-EUROPEAN, which is focuses as an international project of services in the Art of Performance, an extensive archival bank of information dedicated to curation, organization and investigation in the field of performance art and time based art. It has helped managed and organized various series of performance art conferences and forums in various countries.

Koan, Daily Life Plot 
Project PALA, Indonesia, 2008 (Photo: Boedi O-Tong)

A Feather Fell Down on Indonesia 
Undisclosed Territory, 2008 (Photo: Monica Klingler)

MA, Version XXXVI 
Da Dao Festival, Hong Kong, 2007 (Photo: Jesse Clockwork)