Myriam Laplante (Canada/Italy)

Myriam Laplante is a Canadian artist living in Italy and started performing while she was a student at Ottawa University in the early seventies. She then concentrated on painting, installations and photography and started performing again in 1991, while continuing her "gallery" work. Her early performances were essentially self-portraits. By putting herself in the skin of circus side-shows (bearded lady, dancing monkey), a crying ghost or a mutant mermaid, she deals with alienation and the difficulty to communicate, the refusal to adapt to society and the cynicism of the dominant sects. She re-stages the internal tension between desire and memory, power and submission. Her more recent installation and performance works are cynical replies triggered by the absurdities of contemporary society and power-dealing politics on every level. Her work in in the public collections of the Galleria Nazionale d’arte moderna (Rome) and the Museo di Arte Contemporanea (Rome), the Musée du Québec (Québec) and the National Museum of Photography (Ottawa).

Fata Morgana 
Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, 2008 (Photo: Roberto Vaccai)

La Casa Verde, Foligno, 2008 (Photo: Roberto Vaccai)