Roi Vaara (Finland)

Roi Vaara is one of the most internationally recognized performance artist from Scandinavia. He was born in Moss, Norway 1953 form Finnish parents. He studied in the University of Art and Design, in Helsinki 1972-75 and in Jyväskylä University1976-77. Since 1988, Vaara has performed in artists’ collective Black Market International. He was awarded International Studio Program to Küntlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany 1997-98. He has presented about 300 different performances, that has taken place in more than 200 international exhibititons/festivals in 36 countries. In 2001 Vaara organized EXIT Festival with 300 artists. Vaara received the State Prize for Art from the Art Council of Finland in 2000 and Ars Fennica Prize from Henna and Pertti Niemistö Foundation in 2005. He lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Snow Business 
Kuopio, Finland, 2008 (Photo: Naranja)

Under the Surface, Food for Thought 
Sukkerfabrik, Møn, Denmark, 2008