Angie Seah (Singapore)

Born in 1979, anGie seah is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Singapore. Since 1997, she has been making drawings, performance art, installations and clay sculptures . Art making is a tool for anGie to understand the social environment and responding to deal with the everyday life of human conditions and in the context of her autobiographical situations. Cutting through the white noise of daily lives, the depths of mind, the unconscious; connecting her with the basic emotions that make her human. She had traveled and participated in several performance art festivals locally in Singapore and Internationally in Poland, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Romania, Germany, Italy, Korea and Japan.

In 2000, she was awarded an education bursary from National Arts Council, graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Arts where she majored in Painting; she also got a culture/language scholarship to Berlin for 3 months from the Goethe Institut in 2005. She has also exhibited her works in South East Asia and did a few artist residencies in Switzerland, Romania and Indonesia.

Black Out 
Future Of Imagination 5, Sculpture Square, Singapore, 2008 (Photo: Luo Junwei)

Blow!5 (Performance Art Meeting between Singapore and Germany), Ilsede, Germany, 2008 (Photo: Peter Kreibich)

The Samurai Melanocholia 
Samurai School in Matsushiro, Nagano City, Japan, 2009 (Photo: Hitomi)