Juliana Yasin (Singapore)

Born 1970 in Singapore, Juliana is a multi disciplinary artist who often works in collaborations with other artists or group initiatives performed at various performance festivals, locally and internationally since 1989. She and Heru Hikayat curated JAF’08 (Jatiwangi Art Festival), a community based event in Jatiwangi organised by JATIWANGI ArtFACTORY. Local and foreign art practitioners from various disciplines were invited to stay with villagers from Jatiwangi who played hosts. This guest-host relationship was the context for the bi-annual festival. She has been working closely with Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF) and it’s community since 2008. JaF is part of a roof-tile factory located in the village of Jatisura situated in the north coast of West Java, Indonesia. Juliana sees herself now playing different roles; an artist, organizer, researcher, motivator focussing on community based projects by JaF and supporting its activities (workshops, events and discussions) to raise understanding, creativity and awareness to the people in the community of Jatiwangi. She has also made Jatiwangi her second home base.


Tali Timba (collaboration with Sigit Permana/Prabowo Setyadi and Jatiwangi Art Factory) 
Solo Exhibition, Jatiwangi, Indonesia, 2009 (Photo: Prabowo Setyadi)

The Present (A Secret) (collaboration with Cassandra Shultz) 
Exist in 08, Live Art Event, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane, Australia, 2008 (Photo: Richelle Spence)